anterolateral surface

anterolateral surface

English-Korean animal medical dictionary. 2013.

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  • anterolateral surface of arytenoid cartilage — facies anterolateralis cartilaginis arytenoideae …   Medical dictionary

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  • surface — The outer part of any solid. SYN: face (2) [TA], facies (2) [TA]. [F. fr. L. superficius, see superficial] acromial articular s. of clavicle SYN: acromial facet of clavicle. anterior s. [TA] the s. of a …   Medical dictionary

  • Facies — A direct borrowing from the Latin, facies means face. * * * 1. [TA] SYN: face (1). 2. [NA] SYN: surface. 3. SYN: expression (2). [L.] acromial articular f. of clavicle SYN: acromial facet of clavicle. adenoid f. the open mouthed and often …   Medical dictionary

  • fovea — Any natural depression on the surface of the body, such as the axilla, or on the surface of a bone. Cf.:dimple. SYN: pit (1). [L. a pit] f. anterior SYN: superior f.. anterior f. SYN: superior f.. f. ar …   Medical dictionary

  • Otoplasty — Otoplasty: the pre operative front aspect (left), and the post operative front aspect (right) of an infantile otopexy (ear pinback) correction to a girl. Otoplasty (Greek ōtoûs, ear + plassein, to shape) denotes the surgical and non surgical… …   Wikipedia

  • sulcus anterolateralis medullae spinalis — [TA] anterolateral sulcus of spinal cord: the longitudinal groove on the anterolateral surface of the spinal cord, from which the anterior nerve roots emerge; it separates the anterior and lateral funiculi. Called also ventrolateral s. of spinal… …   Medical dictionary

  • facies anterolateralis cartilaginis arytenoideae — [TA] anterolateral surface of arytenoid cartilage: the external surface of the cartilage, which bears the triangular pit, the oblong pit, and the arcuate crest …   Medical dictionary

  • facies anterolateralis humeri — [TA] anterolateral surface of humerus: the surface that provides attachment to the deltoid muscle and lateral part of the brachialis muscle …   Medical dictionary

  • Cephalic vein — Vein: Cephalic veins Superficial veins of the upper limb …   Wikipedia

  • posthumeral bristle — (ARTHROPODA: Insecta) In Diptera, one or more bristle(s) on the anterolateral surface of the mesonotum; near the inner edge of the humeral callus …   Dictionary of invertebrate zoology

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